Three Trends To Consider For Your Next Trade Show Exhibit Booth

Posted on: 30 March 2016

If you're in the marketing or outreach department of a technology company that uses trade shows as a way to advertise and meet potential customers, you know how important it is to make the exhibits inviting and user-friendly. This used to entail simply making the information about your company readily available, as well as having a space that was easy to move around in. However, now, exhibits have to be more stylish as well -- and they have to do what they can to grab passersby on the showroom floor. Here are three trends that may be able to help you attract more attention at your next show.

Cool Lighting

Instead of using bright white light to show off your company's goods and services, look at using blue light mixed with white. White light is going to be the easiest to use in terms of letting people read things up close, but blue light is a cool color that you can use for pathways and the exhibit area in general. The cool temperature of the light is soothing and often seen as a "logical" color, according to Business Insider.

Charging Stations

This is as practical an attraction as they come. People depend on technology now, from smartphones to tablets to even smartwatches. Have a few USB slots and regular electrical outlets available for people to use as charging stations. You'll get an audience that's pretty much captive for a while, and your company will get a reputation on the trade show floor as one that's in tune with what its customers need.

Snacks That Smell Good

This is a sneaky one, but it can work well. Have freshly baked, warm cookies and cupcakes available, as well as coffee and tea. You don't want to overpower passersby or people in neighboring booths, but you want the scents to reach just far enough into the pathways around the booths so that hungry people can find you. Many people may be willing to look at some company information while grabbing a snack or a cup of coffee, and even if they can't use your services, there's the chance they'll be more likely to remember your name. If they encounter someone who can use your services later on, your company's name could be more likely to come up in conversation.

If you're interested in learning about more trends that you can use to your advantage, talk to trade show exhibit rental companies to see what they offer and what the staff members have seen other booths do.