Advice When Working With Used Tank Car Culverts For A Drainage System

Posted on: 29 June 2021

Culverts are instrumental in creating drainage systems because of their size and durability. They can be made out of several things, including used tank cars. If you plan on getting some and setting them up in a particular area, this advice will give you added assurances. 

Be Careful When Placing Multiple Culverts

You may need to set up multiple used tank car culverts in an area because of how much water needs to drain. If so, be careful about how you place the culverts. If you placed them too close together, you're going to have soil erosion problems that could damage the culverts more quickly. As a result, they could fail completely, causing drainage issues when it rains heavily. Make sure you include enough space in between each culvert to where they can work great and last according to their projected lifespan. 

Review Special Setup Protocols

Since you'll be working with culverts made from a special material in used tank cars, you will likely have special setup protocols that you must consult with first before placing culverts. You need to review them before getting started so that you install the culverts at the right locations and use the proper materials.

Culvert specialists can break down protocols you're supposed to follow that are specific to used tank car culverts. They'll ensure your installation procedures are set up to succeed and intervene quickly if they are not for some reason.

Continue Monitoring Culverts

Once you get used tank car culverts into position, you want to keep an eye on them throughout the next couple of months. Make sure your installation methods are correct and are holding up just fine based on things like the environment and quantity of rainfall in the area.

Check to make sure the culverts are still in good condition, didn't shift positions, and are directing water appropriately. Then after several months of no issues, you can inspect the culverts less frequently. You still want to monitor them to some extent though because then it's going to be easy to catch issues.

You can save money when going with culverts made from used tank cars. They just have to be set up appropriately in order to have a major impact on an area that needs proper water drainage. Study protocols until you know you can successfully complete installation for the selected used tank car culverts involved. For more information about used tank car culverts, contact a supplier.