Commercial Kitchen Grease Trap Cleaning Tips

Posted on: 16 February 2021

If you're reliant on a kitchen grease trap, cleaning it on a schedule is key in avoiding issues. You'll have success in your cleaning tactics and they'll have a dramatic impact on this kitchen resource if you take these actions. 

Keep a Weekly Schedule

Regular cleaning is key with any kitchen grease trap because it will make cleaning that much easier to complete. It also keeps major issues from popping up that would hinder your kitchen's operations throughout the week.

If you're not able to clean the grease trap every week, you may want to reach out to a professional grease trap cleaning company. They can perform regular cleaning every week or on whatever schedule works best for you. Just set up services and make the grease trap readily available for when the company arrives so that there aren't any delays.

Remove Grease That Has Collected on the Sides

You want to be thorough when cleaning a kitchen grease trap because then you'll make the most out of your time and keep the trap in great condition for a long time. One thing to stay mindful of is grease collecting on the sides of your trap.

It will do this from time to time, but if you are thorough in your cleaning, it won't have the chance to harden and become more difficult to remove. You'll just need a tool to push the grease from the sides to the middle so that you have easier access with a shovel or specialized grease pump. 

Don't Forget to Put Parts Back

Some commercial restaurants get in such a hurry to carry out grease trap cleaning that they forget to put parts back. That essentially leaves them exposed, and damage is more likely to happen. As a precaution, perform an inspection after you get done cleaning to see what parts you removed.

These components might be the grease trap's lid, fasteners, and other removeable parts. If any of these parts are laying out after cleaning, make sure you put them back in place so that your trap is protected and able to fulfill its role correctly.

Cleaning a grease trap is pretty standard for commercial businesses like restaurants. It's something that you can successfully do if you understand your particular grease trap's characteristics, use the right products, and know what steps can lead to an effective clean. Once you have a cleaning plan in place, keep up with it. 

Contact a commercial kitchen grease trap cleaning company to learn more.