How To Customize Your Lip Balm Labels To Stand Out From The Crowd

Posted on: 29 August 2016

Whether you plan to sell your lip balm at fairs, farmer's markets, or in local stores, it's important to design custom labels that will help your products stand out from the competition. Your labels should give customers an idea of what to expect when purchasing and using your lip balms, and they'll make it easy for people to quickly identify your products among any others that are nearby. Consider using the following tips and tricks when creating your labels to optimize their performance:

Branding Your Labels

Branding your labels will give your lip balm company a uniform appearance that can be used to promote other products that you may decide to add to your line in the future. Even if lip balms are all you'll ever sell, branding your labels will provide your business with credibility as it expands into new or larger markets.

To brand your labels, you'll want to include a logo that builds consumer recognition so they can more easily become familiar with your products. Including your company theme colors as accents is also helpful if they'll complement the font colors you use to identify each type of lip balm you sell. If there's room on your labels, include a short tagline that's catchy enough for customers to repeat it when they talk about lip balm or other cosmetic products with friends and family.

Making Your Labels Memorable

To maximize the chance that first-time buyers will become repeat customers, it's essential to make sure that your custom labels are memorable in some way, so your brand stays in the backs of buyers' minds long after they make a purchase. Naturally, your lip balm will need to speak for itself when it comes to quality, but you can make a positive impact on your labels by implementing uniquely shaped borders, bolding the font of your company name, or applying transparent film that's lightly tinted on them.

Preparing for Variations

It's important to consider the possible need to create variations of your lip balm labels if you decide to expand and sell other types of cosmetics as time goes on. For instance, you might want to add a tinted lipstick or body lotion, and you'll need new labels for them that do not deviate from your original label design so consumers will be able to recognize your brand.

To make the production of future labels easier and more cost effective, choose graphics, accents colors, and fonts that can be effortlessly recreated in different formats and sizes. It's a good idea to test your label design on different sizes and label materials before choosing an initial label creation for your lip balm.

These considerations should make it easy to create a memorable custom label design that speaks to consumers and makes them want to buy. Check out a site like for more info.