What Was In There?!? Some Of The Oddest And Creepiest Things You Can (Legally) Store In A Self Storage Unit

Posted on: 7 August 2016

Self storage facility proprietors have seen some very strange things left in old storage units. Only in very rare cases have illegal items been found. However, that does not seem to stop people from attempting to store some of the strangest things ever. Here is a list of the oddest things you can (legally!) store in your self-storage unit.

Ashes of Dead Relatives

While it might be in very poor taste, you can store the ashes of your dead relatives in their urns in your storage unit. The urns are very valuable, and since the ashes of the deceased are not actually bodies (which would be illegal), the urns and the ashes can be safely tucked away here. This could occur when elderly parents are relocated and the adult children move everything into storage not realizing what they have moved, or because some people do not want the ashes of the deceased around but have not figured out exactly where to spread them.

Tons of Taxidermied Animals

If the door of a storage unit is rolled open to reveal dozens of animals that were formerly alive and are now just posed to look alive, you have the storage unit of a taxidermist. Taxidermied animals that have been appropriately treated, cleaned and stuffed may give the unit an off-smell, but are not illegal to store in a storage unit by any means. In fact, many taxidermy shops frequently have an overstock of their creations, and self storage facilities are ideal for stashing the extra critters until someone wishes to purchase them.

Horse-Drawn Hearses

Before there were hearses of the automobile kind, there were horse-drawn hearses with glass windows all around. They were usually very ornate, because only the rich could afford such pomp on their burial day. Not many of these horse-drawn hearses have survived, and they have become very collectible, especially to funeral home directors. Since there is nothing amiss with storing horse-drawn carriages and the like, and these items are essentially one and the same, renters can store these very unusual items in their units if they so choose.

Antique Surgical Equipment

Antique or no, you can store medical equipment in a self-storage unit, so long as you are not using the unit as an operating room as well. Clean and sanitized equipment does not draw pests or flies and will not cause any other sorts of problems within the facility. So go ahead-- store all of the operating tables, antique cutting instruments and glass needle IV drips you want.