Construction Equipment You Will Need When Tackling a DIY Tree-Removal Project

Posted on: 25 July 2016

That big tree may have once served a purpose, but now it is little more than an eyesore on your property that gets in the way and may even be a hazard to your home. If you are a homeowner who takes pride in tackling jobs and tasks on your own, you may be tempted to grab a chainsaw and get started on the tree removal process. Even though removing a tree may seem like a pretty straightforward process, there are a few pieces of construction equipment you should pick up at a rental store that will make the job go more smoothly. 

Rent a decent ladder. 

Sawing through the trunk of the tree and letting it fall may be the easiest way to get the tree down, but it is definitely not the safest way. If you have ever watched professional tree removers, you see that they usually take a tree down limb by limb for a more controlled removal process. In order for you to follow the same process, you will need a good ladder that will give you access to the top of the tree. A folding ladder will give a more stable stance while you saw, but it may not be tall enough. Likewise, if you feel more safe on a bucket lift or scaffold, those can be rented as well. 

Rent a chainsaw specifically designed for professional tree sawing. 

Not every chainsaw is designed in a way that makes it ideal to use while cutting down a tree. You need a saw that is powerful, but you also need a chainsaw that is lightweight enough that you can safely maneuver it while you are up on the ladder. Additionally, you will need a chainsaw that has an easy-grasp control handle that gives you absolute control while you are cutting. 

Rent a wood chipper.

Taking down a tree is going to mean one thing almost for certain: a lot of brush and debris to contend with. While some locations offer natural waste areas where they will accept the debris free of charge, this is not the norm, and you may be left with pile after pile of wood, limbs, and leaves. A wood chipper will help you to compact all of that waste into a material that is both useful and a lot easier to eliminate. The wood chipper will finely grind down tree limbs into mulch, which can be used in your landscaping or garden or offered for free to your neighbors.

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