Epoxy Is A Great Solution For Business Properties

Posted on: 30 March 2016

Epoxy is one of the best materials for commercial flooring. Business owners love epoxy floors because they are no-nonsense. Cleaning them is very simple and you don't need to worry about water or termite damage. If you want the look of wooden floors, but not the maintenance hassle, epoxy floors might be the perfect solution for your business. This article explains some of the best features of the epoxy flooring products.

Epoxy is Easy to Clean

Business owners are happy to invest in epoxy because it allows them to keep down their cleaning bills. It is a material that can be vacuumed or mopped without worrying about the finish scratching or fading. Most simple household floor cleaners can effectively restore the original shine. You don't need to invest in expensive floor conditioners or sealants.

Epoxy is Cheap to Maintain

In the long run, business owners love that epoxy floors do not need to be refinished because it is a long and inconvenient process. It requires you to shut down your business and move everything out of the room. You can avoid this hassle with epoxy floors. As long as you regularly clean and maintain your epoxy, it should hold up with very little fuss.

Epoxy is Actually Stylish

Advanced technologies allow epoxy floors to be made in just about any finish you can imagine. They can be installed with thin layers of printed paper underneath the clear epoxy that replicate real products like wood and tile. The most popular products are those that have fake wood prints. The grains and knots actually look very realistic, even though the texture is flat and smooth. While you might not be fooling anybody into thinking the floor's actually made out of wood, you will be able to achieve the style and warmth of hardwood floors, at a fraction of the maintenance costs.

Epoxy is Affordable

Last, but certainly not least, epoxy is competitively priced. A professionally installed epoxy floor will probably cost less than $10 a square foot. You can further reduce the cost if you buy your own epoxy flooring kitchen and save on the labor costs. However, if you don't have experience installing epoxy floors, you should just let the professionals do it because it is still a relatively cheap project.

Epoxy floors are clearly a great option for most business owners. It is a cost effective office upgrade that is very cheap to maintain. Contact a company like Floorshield Inc. to learn more.