3 Benefits Provided By A Forced-Air Heating System

Posted on: 4 February 2016

A forced-air heating system is one of the more popular and common types of heating systems, and with good reason when you consider just how many advantages it can offer over other types of heating systems. Listed below are three reasons to consider installing a forced-air system instead of one of the alternatives.

Rapid Heating

One of the biggest benefits provided by a furnace-based forced-air heating system is that it can provide you with a warm home in a much shorter amount of time than other heating options. For example, radiant heating is one of the biggest competitors to forced-air heating, but that option will require substantially longer to warm your home. This is because the radiant system is going to need time for the electric pads or water pipes to heat themselves up, then heat the walls and floors of the home, and then begin spreading that heat into the air within the home.

However, a forced-air system does not need very much time at all to heat the home as the furnace will heat the air to the desired temperature before it begins spreading that air throughout every room in the house. This means that you will feel warm air coming out of the vents almost immediately after the fans turn on.


Another reason to install a forced-air heating system is that it is often going to be less expensive to install than its counterparts. A major reason for this is that a lot of modifications to  your home are not necessary beyond installing a furnace. However, a bit more work will be required if you need do not already have a duct and vent system in place for your cooling system or from a prior heating system.

This process will typically be less expensive than a radiant heating system because radiant heat is going to require that the contactor opens up your floor and walls to install the necessary heating components. At that point, the contractors will need to replace your floors and walls. All of that extra labor can really drive up the cost of the heating system.

Multiple Energy Options

Finally, you can utilize a furnace that is powered in multiple different ways so that you can find a model that fits your particular needs. For example, you can get a furnace that runs entirely off of natural gas, propane, or even a combination of the two if you want a backup fuel source in case of an emergency.

Contact a local HVAC contractor or heating professional, such as Glendale Heating & Air Conditioning, to discuss your forced-air heating options.