3 Measures You Can Take To Protect Your Shipped Gifts

Posted on: 10 December 2015

When shipping gifts to loved ones,it is important to ensure that the packages are packed properly to avoid the goods becoming damaged or broken en route. Some shipping issues that stem from problems with the post office may be unavoidable. However, properly securing your gifts with adequate packing materials can help ensure that they arrive to the intended party intact.

Here are a few measures you can take to protect your shipped items:

Use Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap, which is comprised of little air-filled bubbles of plastic, is available in multiple bubble sizes. Larger bubbles are typically used for larger items, and smaller bubbles can be assigned to your small packages.

As you wrap your items, be sure to wrap in multiple directions and secure the wrapping with shipping tape.

Fill the Empty Space

The void or empty space that remains in the shipping box after you've boxed your item can be a source of damage. As the box is transported or tossed about during shipping, unfilled void space allows your items to roll around haphazardly. Still, the type of filling that you use should be determined by the gift you are shipping. Here are two types of fillings:

Air-filled Packing Pillows

If you are shipping a small, fragile gift, it may need to be double boxed. In this case, air-filled packing pillows are usually appropriate. Even if an item is already wrapped securely in bubble wrap, the jolts of shipment can cause damage if the item can move freely about the shipping box.

Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts are peanut-shaped pieces of Styrofoam. When enough packing peanuts are used, they fill and cushion every bit of previously unfilled space in your shipping box. If your loved ones are environmentally conscious, they can even recycle the peanuts for their own personal shipments.

Use the Right Type of Tape

Shipping tape is specially designed to withstand the impacts of shipping. The tape is generally wider and stronger than other types of clear tape, and the adhesive is usually stickier.

In addition to securing the shipping box, the tape can be used to cover address labels that may bleed or fade from exposure to moisture. You may have to repurchase your loved one's gift if his or her item is lost in the mail.

When shipping gifts, it's best to take precautions to help ensure that your items arrive safely. The types of packing materials that you choose should sufficiently protect your shipment. If you are planning to ship important gifts, check with a packing supply specialist to ensure that your items are packed properly using adequate supplies.