Four Tips For Relocating Your Craft Store

Posted on: 16 September 2015

When you run a craft business, your inventory consists of thousands of small items that can be difficult to keep track of and pack. By moving in the most efficient way possible, you'll be able to keep track of all of those items and open the doors of your new location with less downtime.

Minimize Your Inventory

Before relocating your shop, you'll want to minimize your inventory. You can do this by having a relocation sale. You can start by having everything 10 percent off and increase the percentage off until it's time for you to relocate. You should also consider selling items you want to be rid of below cost so you can have a fresh start at your new location. If you don't want to sell those items below cost, consider donating inventory you no longer want to charity. When you donate inventory to charity, you not only free up space, but you may also qualify for a tax deduction.

You can also slow down on your ordering before your move. Be sure to order enough to keep your shelves appearing to be stocked. Having sparsely stocked shelves discourages your customers from shopping freely. 

Label Boxes Clearly

Having a label system for your product is key to a successful relocation. For small items, such as beads or needles, make sure you clearly have the name, brand, UPC number and the items location on your shelf modular mapped out. Placing all of this information on the label will help the product you choose to bring with you make a smoother transition to your new location.

Setup As You Go

Send a group or team to set up your shelving and displays before you move. Have a plan for where you want everything to go. Hang a sheet on each section of shelving displaying what you want placed there. This way, when you bring things over to your new location, you can unpack them directly on the shelves. This will both minimize confusion when you're unpacking and reduce the downtime you have while moving.

Clear Signs

Post clear signs to let your customers know you're moving. You should post signs at least a couple of months in advance so your customers are well-informed. You should also make small fliers to slip into the bags of your customers that have made a purchase. Making these small fliers a bright color will help them to be noticed by your customers and to help your customers be informed of your move. 

Is moving your craft store proving to be a monumental task? Simplify the process further by hiring a moving company, like Midwest Moving & Storage Inc, to help.