4 Tips To Help You Organize Your Storage Unit Effectively

Posted on: 10 July 2015

If you're fed up with the clutter in your basement, garage and throughout the rest of your home, renting a unit at a self storage facility can allow you to declutter your possessions and add some order to your life. As much as it might be tempting to simply open the door of your storage unit and toss your items inside until the unit is full, it's a better strategy to put a little more thought into the process and organize the space effectively. Where to begin? Here are four useful tips to get you started.

Consider What You'll Need

Regardless of what you plan to store in your unit, a smart strategy is to use the space according to what you anticipate needing in the near future. Place items that you know you won't use for a long time, such as old furniture or things that you're keeping purely for sentimental reasons, against the far wall of the unit so you won't have to sort through them regularly. Situate the possessions that you expect you'll need in the near future closest to the door of the unit. Through this approach, a visit to the storage facility to grab something shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

Elevate Your Items

It's always a good idea to take a few wooden pallets to your unit and place them around the floor. This way, you can stack your possessions a few inches off the concrete slab to avoid any potential issues with leaks or floods. A heavy rainfall or an unexpected leak of a liquid from an adjacent unit could pose trouble, but it won't be a concern if your items aren't directly on the floor. Pallets also allow air to circulate beneath your boxes, keeping them dry.

Use Bins Over Boxes

Cardboard boxes are often easy to gather, but they don't provide the benefits of using plastic bins. The latter storage option does a better job of keeping out moisture and odors, is more conducive to stacking and won't break down over time. The sealable lid also keeps dust out of your possessions better than the flaps on a cardboard box. Watch for plastic bins to go on sale at your local big box store and buy bins of various sizes.

Make A Map

It can feel overwhelming to stand at the door of a storage unit and wonder how to begin searching for a specific item. It's a good practice to make a rough map of where things are located as you place them. Don't waste time trying to make your map to scale -- a simple diagram and some notes that your grandmother's plate set is located on the bottom shelf of the far left corner, for example, is enough.

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