Cutting-Edge Digital Business Signage

Posted on: 24 June 2015

The first and foremost job of effective business signage is to attract customer attention. One of the latest trends in business signage is animated digital signs in the shape of people and characters. These signs are attracting a lot of customer attention and press coverage. 

These two-dimensional, animated signs are shaped like men, women, children, animals, and even cartoon characters that actually speak to potential customers and viewers. The character-shaped signs are free-standing and range in size from 12 inches to 6 feet high. They are about 1" thick and vary in width from 18 to 21 inches. Their compact size makes them perfect for many applications and locations including:  store-front and in-store displays, trade shows, classrooms, museums, airports, supermarkets, restaurants and amusement parks. Smaller signs can be displayed on a counter top, desk or near a cash register. Larger signs can be placed where information needs to be communicated to the public. 

Technology companies have created these signs to help their clients contend in the highly competitive retail industry. In order to construct one of these signs, a client provides a still image and the text that they wish to have made into a sign. The technology company then takes that image and animates it so that it speaks the proscribed text with correct mouth movements, facial expressions, and even hand gestures. A voiced-over sound track, in several different languages, is then added to match the sign's movements. 

Some of the unique, ground-breaking features of these signs are the following:

  • They use realistic images of people that viewers can relate to.
  • They have multilingual capabilities that can be changed by the viewer with a touch of a button on the sign. 
  • They are programmed by a wireless remote controller. 
  • They store the presentations on virtual servers in the Internet Cloud and can be quickly updated to new messages. 
  • They offer digital coupons and tickets that viewers can download on their smartphones.
  • They are completely digitally animated so they eliminate all video production costs. 
  • They use laser, fluorescent light and LED technology to deliver a mercury-free light animation. 

These cutting-edge signs are at the forefront of business sign technology. They offer a unique way to communicate with viewers and deliver content in a manner that is more innovative than just words and images. The possibilities and uses for these signs is only limited by the imagination of the client.  For more information about signage and banners, go to