5 Tips For Your Storefront Signs

Posted on: 7 May 2015

When seeing your business for the first time, the storefront is what makes a lasting impression on customers, investors, and colleagues. How well are you advertising your business with your current signage? Is it doing justice to the value of your goods and services? If you're like most store owners, there are many things you could do to improve your storefront signs. And it is one of the most beneficial things you can invest in when it comes to marketing and lead generation. A sign becomes an asset that works for you 24/7 after you've designed and paid for it.

Make it Readable

This might seem like an obvious point, but many signs are simply too confusing to read (or they lack text altogether). Busy or irrelevant designs can obscure a potential customers vision and prevent them from understanding your branding message. Trying to communicate to customers at a distance can be difficult, so make sure to emphasize the purpose of your business in large print. When people are walking or driving by, they might be looking for a steak restaurant and not the name of your business. So if you own Jerry's Steakhouse, make sure that "Steakhouse" is the most readable part of your signage.

The Sign Should Fit the Style of the Building

Every building has a unique style. Some buildings are older, providing a traditional charm. Some rely on their architectural structure to provide an eye-popping experience. Of course, there are also modern designs that focus on clean lines and minimalism. Your sign should complement your brand and your building so that visitors feel a cohesive identity when viewing your store.

Attract Your Customers

You aren't interested in the people who don't fit in your target market, only those that might be willing to buy. Therefore, don't try to make a sign that appeals to all people. Focus on your ideal customer and double down on that design.


A sign can be an investment, not an expense. If you design it out of quality materials, ranging from plastics, to vinyls, to wood or metal, you can appreciate the gains for years to come and only pay for it one time.

Let it Breathe

Negative space, or "white space" is an important element in all great design. Just because your sign may be 5 feet by 10 feet wide doesn't mean that you should cover every bit of it with graphics or text. Again, people should be able to read your sign at a distance with ease, so let your message have space.

Business has numerous components. For physical storefronts, a well-made sign can add value to your sales and marketing efforts. Implement the five tips mentioned here and enjoy more interested and attracted customers.