Promoting Your Store By Using Vehicle Signs

Posted on: 25 March 2015

When you want to advertise your store in a different way, you should look into using electronic vehicle signs. In many cases, you can use these signs to let more people know about your store in a creative and simple way.


Using cars to advertise your business offers you the ability to advertise your store in more areas around town. When considering this type of marketing, you want to pick individuals that drive a lot and live in different areas. The more time the cars are on the road, the more exposure your store gets.


With electronic signs, you can display simple and effective messages that highlight your company. Many models use a computer program that gives you complete control over the message. Your message can be simple information such as the name and location of your store.

To draw more attention to upcoming sales, you simply change the message on the sign. The new message can state the date of the event and list promotional aspects such as 20 percent off certain items you are selling. The more people that see your personalized message, the better chance you have of increasing your sales on that day.


You can place signs anywhere on a vehicle, but the electronic models usually go inside to protect them from the weather. When it comes to interior electric signs, most model types fit into the rear window of a car. Additionally, using interior electronic signs means that people will not have to alter the exterior of their vehicle to help you advertise your store.

Additional Features

When looking through the different model types, it is important to look through the other features such as the brightness of the display and the power supply. Since the sign can inadvertently distract other drivers when it is dark out, you want to choose a model that allows you to dim the display of the sign.

When it comes to the power supplies for these signs, you will usually find two main options. One model type uses batteries, while the other plugs into the lighter outlet of the vehicle. However, you can find some model types that offer both power supply options, so you will need to look into this aspect before choosing a sign for the interior of your car.

When you want to advertise your company in a creative manner, you should look at interior vehicle signs. By understanding this type of sign, you can determine if this is the right option for your company to use. Contact a company like Nesper Sign Advertising Inc for more information.